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"When our 12 Disk RAID Failed we explored and vetted many companies, we decided on Nationwide Data Recovery, it was a choice we did not regret. All critical information recovered within 36 hours which lead to minimal downtime. A fantastic service."
Ross Swain
Ford UK

Previous Clients and Success

UK Panasonic UK approached Nationwide Data Recovery in March 2007 to perform its data recovery. Nationwide Data Recovery has recovered 100% of the Toshiba hard drive's received from Panasonic, all of which had suffered from serious mechanical failure. 70 % of these hard drives had read/write head filature and the remaining 30% had spindle motor seizure.

Hutchinson 3G
A representative from 'three' called us with a problem with a Seagate 320GB external hard drive. The hard drive's electronics had completely failed. Following a 2 hour procedure with one of our expert electrical engineers, a full recovery of the data was completed. The data was returned to 'three' headquarters that same afternoon.

An employee from Shell UK contacted us regarding a clicking Hitachi Travelstar hard drive. The hard drive had suffered a failure of the pre amp chip located on the head stack assembly. New parts were sourced within 24 hours; the recovery procedure was a success as we recovered 100% of the required data.

American Express
An American Express representative submitted a data recovery quote request in Marsh 2007. A nationwide data recovery customer service advisor returned the call within 1 hour. Following an in depth telephone conversation, the problem was identified over the telephone. This was crucial as it enabled Nationwide Data Recovery to order the parts needed to repair the problem before the hard drive was received. This saved a massive 24 hours in the turnaround time. The read/write heads were transplanted and a full recovery completed. The data was returned the very next day.

This is just a few examples of our previous and present clients proving that Nationwide Data Recovery is an established and trusted name in the industry.

Nationwide Data Recovery has performed thousands of data recoveries for large blue chip companies, medium and small businesses, charities, students, home consumers and even a number of churches throughout the UK.
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