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"When our 12 Disk RAID Failed we explored and vetted many companies, we decided on Nationwide Data Recovery, it was a choice we did not regret. All critical information recovered within 36 hours which lead to minimal downtime. A fantastic service."
Ross Swain
Ford UK

Data Recovery Gamble.

Data can be vital to the operations of a company. Data can be irreplaceable. This is why we often wonder why companies and consumers gamble with their data by entrusted it to companies and individuals who don't possess the required knowledge and skills to perform a top level data recovery service.

Did you know...

Approximately 65 % of the data recovery companies advertising on Google do not have the facilities and knowledge they claim to possess to perform a top level data recovery service.

Most of these companies have good looking websites, and unbeatable low prices! It can be difficult spotting who they are! At the end of the day, you get what you pay for. If you have deleted a file by mistake, these bargain basement companies may be able to help you, if your hard drive has a more serious fault, their recovery attempts could render the data unrecoverable forever.

Most people want to know how to tell if a data recovery company is a "real" company with a clean room, or a reseller, that is going to look at the drive, run their downloaded recovery software, if this doesn't work, they will outsource to one of the reputable companies (like us).

We are a bonifide data recovery company, we have class 100 facilities, and we develop all our software and solutions in house. We never outsource any recovery works!

If you look at the top ranked data recovery companies in Google, they are what some believe to be the best of the best. They run a factory line recovery shop, getting hundreds of disks a week and only repairing the simple recovery jobs. As they get so many hard drives, they don't have the resources or the requirement to investigate and repair the more difficult recovery works. These drives may get declared unrecoverable and disposed. The fact is 80% of these unrecoverable drives can be recovered, but only by the best recovery centres in the world. It's estimated only 4 recovery companies in the world are able to recover from such an unrecoverable device, and we truly believe we are one of them.

Also on Google, hundreds of middle ground data recovery companies, and a few bad apples that think they can do data recovery for £80 - £100. That is total rubbish. One air filter for a class 100 clean room is £700 and we need 6 a month to retain class 100 status.

Hard drive manufacturers don't "give" us replacement parts, we have to buy whole hard drives on the secondary market. We have 1 employee that does nothing but source parts all day every day. With the advent of large capacity drives, and constant revisions, one Western Digital model had 12 revisions in 1 year. That means that the board, heads, and code on the platters are all different, and they are NOT interchangeable. The average cost of the replacement parts can range from £80 - £250. Nationwide Data Recovery constantly receives drives that have already been opened somewhere else. 90% of them have been opened outside of a clean room. We had to start a new recovery program just for clients who sent their drives to one of these bargain basement companies only to be told it was "unrecoverable". Read more about our
"Unrecoverable Data" process.

Make sure the companies you are sending your failed media too has the facilities and expertise they claim to possess. If your data is important, don't take a gamble; send it to Nationwide Data Recovery.

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Data Recovery Gamble
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