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"When our 12 Disk RAID Failed we explored and vetted many companies, we decided on Nationwide Data Recovery, it was a choice we did not regret. All critical information recovered within 36 hours which lead to minimal downtime. A fantastic service."
Ross Swain
Ford UK

Recover Unrecoverable Data

Nationwide Data Recovery is one of the only data recovery providers in the world to offer an unrecoverable data recovery service.

We are so confident in our technology, skills and experience, we are able to offer a data recovery lifeline to businesses and individuals who been notified their data is not recoverable by other data recovery providers.

Nationwide Data Recovery has recovered data from 79% of all media submitted to our unrecoverable data program.

What is DataSeek Logic Technology

In the past year we have seen an increase in hard drive's that have already been to other data recovery companies. Nationwide DR has developed a unique diagnostic and recovery system, which is specifically designed to deal with media, which has received previous recovery attempts.

DataSeek Logic Technology is a proprietary data recovery technique allowing us to recover data after the media has been deemed unrecoverable. If you have sent a hard drive to another data recovery company and they have deemed the data unrecoverable there is a chance our proprietary recovery techniques/technology can recover your data.

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